Tie the Knot in Paradise with a Destination Wedding

October 2, 2010

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If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married on a tropical island, a destination wedding is just what you need. As the name implies, destination weddings take place in a particular destination, as opposed to a wedding in the town where the bride and groom reside. Destination weddings are typically held in popular vacation locations or at inclusive resorts. The majority of the guests invited to a destination wedding must travel and make accommodations to stay for a few days.

Destination Weddings: Pros

Destination weddings give guests the opportunity to take a vacation and visit with friends and family they may not see very often, and they’re often less-expensive than traditional weddings. Even with the added cost of travel, total expenses are typically lower because most hotels and resorts offer wedding-planning services that take care of everything from flowers and decorations to the ceremony itself. Hotels and resorts have on-site reception areas and provide their own catering service, so the bride and groom and all of their guests can take it easy right up until the last minute!

Destination Weddings: Cons

Wedding Location ideas from http://www.weddingdirectory.com/

It’s common destination wedding etiquette for guests to pay their own airfare, but the bride and groom are typically expected to pay for at least part of their guests’ lodging. Resorts which pride themselves as destination wedding locations often offer multiple-room discounts because such a large crowd will be staying due to the wedding. Group airfare rates may also be available, providing a discounted rate to those that are travelling with the group. Some couples fear that the travel involved in a destination wedding is too big of a burden to place on their friends and family, but the truth is nearly all weddings involve travel for some people.

Popular Locations for Destination Weddings

Tropical island destination weddings held in the Bahamas and Jamaica are popular with many couples, as are weddings on other Caribbean islands. Some people decide to get married in Mexico and others opt for Europe or Australia – the choices are nearly limitless!
In the United States, Hawaii and Las Vegas are both common wedding spots due to the fact that both are popular tourist destinations. Some couples choose to hold a fairy tale wedding at Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, and others opt for weddings held in areas where particular relatives live so that their wedding is also a family reunion.
Couples can go on vacation and get married without notifying family and friends, but destination weddings should not be confused with elopements. Destination weddings provide guests with the opportunity to “get away from it all” for a few days and witness a special couple declare their love for one another.The memories will be priceless!

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