Weddings by the Season: Choosing the Best Time of Year for Your Wedding

July 26, 2012


There was a time when June weddings reigned supreme. Now, however, there is much more diversity when it comes to which season brides think is best. Each of the seasons has their charms, and there really isn’t a bad season to get married. Take a look at some of the best ideas for weddings in each season to help you decide which is best for you.

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are beautiful because they can include some of the details that people love about the holiday season. This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a Christmas themed wedding, but you will be able to include red velvet, colored lights and other features commonly associated with the holiday. Snow – or fake snow – can be another charming addition to a wedding. You can choose to create a winter wonderland complete with frost covered trees and an aisle trimmed with snow.

You can easily add warmth and romance to your winter wedding reception by choosing a venue with a huge fireplace. This will make a fabulous backdrop for pictures and will give your reception a cozy feeling.

Spring Wedding

If you want an outdoor wedding then spring is probably going to be your best bet. This is the time of year when it is not too hot or too cold. The guests will be as comfortable as possible while they sit in a lovely garden or stand on a beach and watch you take your vows. Of course, you need to know the climate in your particular area. If you live in a spot where the springs are still quite chilly then you should move your outdoor wedding to the summer.

Another great thing about weddings in the spring is the ability to incorporate spring flowers seamlessly into your wedding décor. Think about delicate blooms and bright, colorful options.

Summer Wedding

In some locations the summer will be the ideal time for a beach or a destination wedding. This is especially true if you plan to invite people with children to attend an out-of-town wedding. Many parents will be reluctant to pull their kids out of school to attend a wedding, so you can eliminate this hurdle by choosing to have a summer wedding.

One great idea for a summer wedding is to combine the wedding, reception and part of the honeymoon into one location by renting a beach house. Walk to the sandy shore for the wedding ceremony and then return to the beach house for a dinner that you will have catered in.  Once the guests leave you can stay at the beach house for a night or two as a start to your honeymoon.

Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are gaining popularity. As is the case with spring weddings in many locations, you won’t have to worry about very warm weather – which is a plus to many brides. Another great thing about a fall wedding is the opportunity to use all of the vibrant fall colors such as red, yellow, gold and orange. One bride had her aisle lined with fallen leaves which provided that crunching sound – that many people associate  with fall – as she made her way toward the altar.

As you can see, each season has the potential for beautiful weddings. There is no “bad” time of year to get married. Just choose the season that will best enhance your vision for your big day, and you will be one step closer to creating your dream wedding.



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