Ring Bearer Basics

November 3, 2011

Ring BoyIf anyone can steal the show from the bride, it is the ring bearer. Technically, his job is to carry the wedding rings down the aisle on a pillow. In reality, the ring bearer has symbolic toy rings, rather than the real, expensive rings. They are usually tied to the pillow (even though they are fake) so he doesn’t drop them.

Who Can Serve as the Ring Bearer?

Generally, the couple will select the closest little man in their lives to serve as their ring bearer. This can be a cousin, nephew, younger brother or a child’s friend. The age range is between 4-8. However, it can be slightly above or below that age if you so desire. In the event that there is more than one flower girl, there may also be more than one ring bearer. It is really up to each couple. Unless the ring bearer and flower girl will be walking down the aisle together, he usually goes before her.

Ring Bearer Duties during the Ceremony

Once he completes his walk, he may stand at the alter with the other groomsmen. In case he gets restless or unruly, his parents should be close by to settle him down. In fact, he may just sit with them throughout the entire ceremony, rather than stand if that works better for the little guy. It is a good idea to have the ring bearer attend the rehearsal the evening before the wedding. That way, he will know what to expect and what to do. The more prepared he is the easier it is going to be on the special day.

Ring Bearer Duties after the Ceremony

After the wedding, the ring bearer will be needed for bridal party photographs. Once he is done, he can ride to the reception with his parents. Many couples like to have the flower girl and the ring bearer share a dance at the reception. Just don’t force them to do it, if they are bashful or totally against the idea.

The Ring Bearer Attire

As for his outfit, he can be a miniature version of the groom and groomsmen, whether they are wearing a tuxedo or standard suit. However, he does not have to match them. He can wear a suit he already has or even some cute, formal shorts with suspenders, a jacket, knee socks and shoes. He can even wear a vest instead of a jacket
Photo: We found this cute little man featured on the website of Chicago photographers, Miller+Miller. We just can’t get over their photographic style – this cute little ring bearer just scratches the surface.


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