Including Pets in Your Wedding

August 2, 2012

More and more couples are choosing to include their four-legged family members in their weddings. While some accomplish this by having Fido serve as best man or use their cat as the guest book attendant, if your chosen venues frown on allowing pets to be part of the wedding then you will need to be a bit more creative. Here are some ideas to consider for both venues that will allow pets and those that will not.


If you are not allowed to bring your pet into the wedding venue, consider having some professional photographs taken that can then be displayed at the wedding. For example, you could dress your dog up in wedding attire for his or her pictures and then place the photographs in the foyer where every guest will have a chance to see them.

Outdoor Greeters

Many venues that will not allow pets inside will allow them to be on the grounds as long as they remain outside of the buildings. Appoint someone to be a dog watcher  and have your pets stationed outside of the main entrance, ready to greet guests with a wag of the tail and a big sloppy kiss – if your guests like that kind of thing.

Who Needs a Bouquet?

For the lucky couples who are allowed to bring their pets inside, you have the two ideas offered above, and here is one more. If you have a small dog or cat, consider putting a big bow around his neck and having the bride carry the dog or cat down the aisle in place of a bouquet. Of course, these ideas are not right for every couple, but if you love you pets like family these are fun and quirky ways to include them in your big day.

General Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan to include your pets in the wedding.

  • Unless you have an extremely well-behaved pet, you may want to think twice before including them in the wedding. How will you feel if your pet is barking the entire time or if the pet starts jumping all over your guests?
  • Consider that some guests may have a pet allergy. You could include a note in the invitation asking that anyone with a pet allergy contact you to let you know. From there you can make a decision about whether you should still include the pet based on the severity of the allergy and other factors.
  • Appoint a reliable friend or family member to look after your pet during the wedding. You will not have the time to keep a constant eye on your pet.

While it was once a bit unusual, including pets in a wedding is now quite common. With a bit of creative thinking, you will be able to find the perfect way to include your furry family members in your big day.



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