Flower Girl Fundamentals

July 31, 2012

One of the most endearing moments of any wedding is when the flower girl makes her way down the aisle. Some girls are shy and demure, barely glancing up as they spread the flower petals, while others are more than happy to put on a show. Since they are so young, generally between the ages of four and eight, the guests cannot help but be charmed.

The age of the flower girl significantly narrows down the candidates to those friends or relatives that have young daughters. Sometimes the bride and groom already have a child. However, those couples who have a lot of nieces, nephews or friends with little girls  may have a harder time selecting just one. To avoid any hurt feelings, as well as up the cuteness quotient, many couples have two or three flower girls. This can also be a good idea if one is a bit older, so she can take charge.

The flower girl usually walks down the aisle, either before the maid of honor or just before the bride. If she is really young, she may be accompanied by one of the bridesmaids. Other times, she walks with the ring bearer. It is a good idea to seat the child’s parents along the aisle, so that they can guide her and give her encouragement or instructions, if necessary. Once she reaches the front, she typically sits down beside her parents, since it would be too much for her to stand still during the entire ceremony.

As for the flower girl’s dress, there are a few different options. One possibility is to dress her in a miniature version of the bride’s wedding gown. Another choice is to dress her like the bridesmaids. The other alternative is to have the flower girl dress in a standard, yet formal, dress. Just make certain that it is short enough so that she does not trip. It can be white, pink or one of the wedding colors. Her hair can be adorned with some ribbons, barrettes, a tiara, a single flower or a floral wreath.¬† For the shoes, patent leather flats, worn with tights or little socks, will be appropriate.


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