Dresses for Picky Bridesmaids

May 15, 2012

It can be difficult enough to decide on a style of bridesmaid dress that you like. When you’re dealing with four or more bridesmaids – each with a different body type and fashion sense – it is even more difficult. Here are some tips for dealing with picky bridesmaids and making sure that everyone in your wedding party feels comfortable.

Be Reasonable
The television show Bridezillas has given a voice to some of the most obnoxious brides on the planet. Don’t act like them. Yes, it is your wedding. Yes, you have the final say on all wedding details and yes, your bridesmaids should be willing to give a little in order to make sure that your vision comes to life. HOWEVER, that does not mean that you should force an overweight bridesmaid to wear a tight dress that she feels totally uncomfortable wearing. It also doesn’t mean that you should expect any of your bridesmaids to show off more skin than they want.

If someone doesn’t think they look good in yellow, that is a minor thing and the bridesmaid should be willing to bend. But you, as the bride, still have to be reasonable and considerate of your bridesmaid’s legitimate concerns.

Give Options
Some brides find that the best way to deal with picky bridesmaids is to choose a color and then allow each bridesmaid to choose a dress in that color. Many bridal shops will have an array of styles that you can order in the exact same color. This allows each bridesmaid to choose a dress that they feel comfortable wearing yet you will still maintain a uniform look in your wedding party.

Choose Your Battles
If you are not truly willing to drop a bridesmaid over the dress then don’t bother fighting over it. You need to choose your battles. That doesn’t mean that you should allow the bridesmaids to run the show, but every detail really isn’t worth an argument. Be willing to compromise.
While certainly an important detail, the bridesmaids dresses are not what every guest is going to be focused on during your wedding. Involve your bridesmaids in the selection process from the beginning rather than making a firm decision about the dresses and then not offering any choices.
You will find that this small act of consideration will go a long way in keeping peace within your wedding party which will make the entire planning process much easier and a lot more fun.


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