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August 4, 2012

You probably began having ideas about your wedding as soon as the engagement ring was slipped onto your left hand, but getting everything in order is almost like solving a complex puzzle. The thought of planning a wedding is exhilarating for some yet terrifying for others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Hiring a wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but wedding planners can definitely help take some of the stress off your shoulders.

Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners are experienced professionals that plan parties and events for a living. Their most important job is to keep the bride and groom stress-free during this exciting time in their lives. Wedding planners can incorporate your ideas and suggestions into a beautiful, memorable wedding.

They’ve most likely experienced bumps in the road that you never even dreamed possible, yet wedding planners are able to work through such snags calmly—often without even notifying the bride and groom! Who needs added tension on their wedding day?


What a Wedding Planner Can Do for You

Again, using a wedding planner is not for everyone—some couples honestly enjoy planning parties and would rather do everything themselves—but if you’re uncertain as to whether or not you should hire someone to help you out, consider the following:

  • Once you have a potential wedding date in mind, a wedding planner can provide you with a detailed timeline as to what needs to be done when.
  • Wedding planners have a large pool of contacts in everything from florists and caterers to musicians and decorators.
  • They can also take your wedding budget and work their magic to get you the most for your money—wedding planners are often able to negotiate discounted rates with their preferred vendors.
  • Wedding planners can help you select a menu with your wedding caterer that will please (nearly) all of your wedding guests.
  • Every little detail will be taken care of, from your reception location to the napkins on the tables.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

If you’ve made the decision to use a wedding planner to help plan you special day, be sure to meet with a few different planners before selecting one. Don’t be afraid to ask questions—treat the get-together like an interview. Find out how many weddings they have handled in the past, and ask for references. Any reputable wedding planner will be more than happy to provide you with names and phone numbers of satisfied clients and a list of vendors they deal with regularly.

Be sure to establish a price for your wedding planner’s services in advance. Rates and fees can vary—some wedding planners charge a percentage of your wedding budget as a fee for their services while others offer a flat fee for everything. Some charge an hourly rate. Be certain that you know what you’ll be getting for your money, and be sure to get everything in writing before turning over a payment.

Once you’ve found your perfect wedding planner, sit back and relax—let them take care of the minute details while all you do is mentally prepare yourself for your beautiful honeymoon!


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