Flower Girl Fundamentals

July 31, 2012

One of the most endearing moments of any wedding is when the flower girl makes her way down the aisle. Some girls are shy and demure, barely glancing up as they spread the flower petals, while others are more than happy to put on a show. Since they are so young, generally between the ages of four and eight, the guests cannot help but be charmed.

The age of the flower girl significantly narrows down the candidates to those friends or relatives that have young daughters. Sometimes the bride and groom already have a child. However, those couples who have a lot of nieces, nephews or friends with little girls  may have a harder time selecting just one. To avoid any hurt feelings, as well as up the cuteness quotient, many couples have two or three flower girls. This can also be a good idea if one is a bit older, so she can take charge.

The flower girl usually walks down the aisle, either before the maid of honor or just before the bride. If she is really young, she may be accompanied by one of the bridesmaids. Other times, she walks with the ring bearer. It is a good idea to seat the child’s parents along the aisle, so that they can guide her and give her encouragement or instructions, if necessary. Once she reaches the front, she typically sits down beside her parents, since it would be too much for her to stand still during the entire ceremony.

As for the flower girl’s dress, there are a few different options. One possibility is to dress her in a miniature version of the bride’s wedding gown. Another choice is to dress her like the bridesmaids. The other alternative is to have the flower girl dress in a standard, yet formal, dress. Just make certain that it is short enough so that she does not trip. It can be white, pink or one of the wedding colors. Her hair can be adorned with some ribbons, barrettes, a tiara, a single flower or a floral wreath.  For the shoes, patent leather flats, worn with tights or little socks, will be appropriate.

Ring Bearer Basics

November 3, 2011

Ring BoyIf anyone can steal the show from the bride, it is the ring bearer. Technically, his job is to carry the wedding rings down the aisle on a pillow. In reality, the ring bearer has symbolic toy rings, rather than the real, expensive rings. They are usually tied to the pillow (even though they are fake) so he doesn’t drop them.

Who Can Serve as the Ring Bearer?

Generally, the couple will select the closest little man in their lives to serve as their ring bearer. This can be a cousin, nephew, younger brother or a child’s friend. The age range is between 4-8. However, it can be slightly above or below that age if you so desire. In the event that there is more than one flower girl, there may also be more than one ring bearer. It is really up to each couple. Unless the ring bearer and flower girl will be walking down the aisle together, he usually goes before her.

Ring Bearer Duties during the Ceremony

Once he completes his walk, he may stand at the alter with the other groomsmen. In case he gets restless or unruly, his parents should be close by to settle him down. In fact, he may just sit with them throughout the entire ceremony, rather than stand if that works better for the little guy. It is a good idea to have the ring bearer attend the rehearsal the evening before the wedding. That way, he will know what to expect and what to do. The more prepared he is the easier it is going to be on the special day.

Ring Bearer Duties after the Ceremony

After the wedding, the ring bearer will be needed for bridal party photographs. Once he is done, he can ride to the reception with his parents. Many couples like to have the flower girl and the ring bearer share a dance at the reception. Just don’t force them to do it, if they are bashful or totally against the idea.

The Ring Bearer Attire

As for his outfit, he can be a miniature version of the groom and groomsmen, whether they are wearing a tuxedo or standard suit. However, he does not have to match them. He can wear a suit he already has or even some cute, formal shorts with suspenders, a jacket, knee socks and shoes. He can even wear a vest instead of a jacket
Photo: We found this cute little man featured on the website of Chicago photographers, Miller+Miller. We just can’t get over their photographic style – this cute little ring bearer just scratches the surface.

Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

October 12, 2011

As we continue with the fall season I just can’t get over all of the beautiful colors available from nature. Who needs any other wedding decor when you have all of these options. This week I will be sharing several ideas that are super easy and super cheap. Here is the first batch. Enjoy! 

1.) This beautiful fall centerpiece is one of my favorites. Talk about easy and affordable. Choose a great bowl. Add some colorful leaves from the backyard with a little water, and a couple of floating candles.You now have a delightful wedding centerpiece.

2.) Check out this table decor!  It would be perfect for any fall wedding. I love how they so simply placed a single leaf on the napkin and tied it up with a little gold velvet ribbon.It is so simple, yet makes such a wonderful statement.

3.) These fall themed wine bottles are just beautiful! These would be perfect for a wedding at a local vineyard or just a wine-themed wedding. These wine bottles would make the perfect accent to any table.

4.) This fall decor idea is super simple but looks fantastic. Just add a colorful leaf with a coordinating candle on top. That’s it. Super easy but this provides a ton of color. Perfect for a guest book table, cake table, or any other table that needs something extra. You can even apply this look to your wedding favors as well.

If you are planning a fall wedding for 2012, these are some great ideas that are very easy to put together. Stay tuned for more great ideas!

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Gown

October 3, 2011

One of the most expensive elements of any wedding is the bridal gown. Most women start out the shopping process with good intentions and a strict budget. However, they often let their emotions get the best of them and spend way too much money. Going into deep debt to buy a wedding gown that will only be worn once is a bad way to start off a marriage, especially in these economic times. Keep in mind that the cost of the gown doesn’t even include the other accessories like shoes, a veil, headpiece or hat, jewelry, gloves, a wrap and a handbag. In addition, many women also enlist the services of a hair dresser and a make-up artist. The final total can be shocking.

Stick to Your Budget

To avoid being a shopping victim, determine how much you can afford to spend and do not waver from that total. Don’t let your friends, mother or a pushy salesperson pressure you into making an irresponsible purchase. Besides, there are so many wedding gowns to be had, that there is definitely a beautiful gown in your price range.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

The earlier you begin the search for your wedding dress, the better. Waiting until the last minute is a sure way to panic and overspend. To decide which style and silhouette you desire, scour the internet and magazines. Also, visit a few stores to try on gowns, so you get a sense of what looks best. Do not, under any circumstances, try on a dress that is over your budget. If you see one you like, ask the salesperson to find you a less-expensive version. Also, search online retailers, bridal stores or even designer boutiques for similar dress styles that are on sale or are being discontinued.

Use a Variety of Resources

Check out online auctions or consignment stores for your wedding dress as well. Often, you can find brand new gowns that were never even worn due to the wedding being canceled. Even gowns that were only worn once and that are still in great condition can help save money. No one will know the difference, unless you tell them. Keep an open mind about non-traditional gowns or plain, less-embellished dresses and have a local seamstress add details like lace, beads or sequins.

Finally, consider renting a bridal gown, just as the men do with their tuxedos.

Everyone knows what a big decision picking just the right wedding dress is. By using these techniques you will not have to just “settle” for something. By looking at a variety of places and even choosing a pre-owned gown, you too can have the wedding dress of your dreams AND stay within you budget.

Fabulous Fall Centerpieces: Autumn Leaves

October 1, 2011


Fall is here and so are the beautiful fall wedding decorations. There are just so many natural elements available. These are both easy to get and easy on your pocketbook.

Today, we have a great line-up of fall leaf centerpieces. These are just beautiful! The color combinations are amazing and another amazing thing about these wedding centerpieces… they are super easy to put together!

These are definitely great, no-fuss, do-it-yourself centerpieces. You can pick your leaves right from your backyard and they will look sensational for your special day.



Fall Leaf Centerpiece Idea 1: This centerpiece idea is super simple but looks terrific. All you have to do is find yourself some pillar candles such as the ones displayed in the photo. You then need to find yourself some gorgeous leaves. You need to melt down some wax and then with a brush you apply the melted wax onto one side of the leaf and attach it to the candle. You then go over the top of the leaf with more of the melted wax to seal the leaf in place.

In this particular centerpiece they used a terracotta pot base (you know, the thing that catches the water from your plant) and they painted it an off-white. They placed the candles in the middle and added some stones around them. This is so pretty and simple. This project can also be prepped months in advance.

Fall Leaf Centerpiece Idea 2: This centerpiece idea looks amazing. To create this one you will just need a variety of individual leaves and some tiny vases. This could not be easier or more beautiful displayed in this manner. To really set it off – you should definitely use some sort of tray underneath to give your look some definition. The way they used the white here really helps the  amazing colors stand out.

Fall Leaf Centerpiece Idea 3: What we like most about this idea is the simplicity of the on branch featuring those beautiful leaves – yet this look is taken up a notch by adding the small rose arrangements on each side. Also, take a look at the base if the leaf arrangement wrapped in burlap. This is a very cost effective element that definitely adds to the shabby chic feel of it all.

Fall Leaf Centerpiece Idea 4: This fall centerpiece idea is very easy to put together. All  you need is a cylinder glass vase, some small branches featuring their beautiful fall leaves, and some mini-pumpkins. If you look closely you can see where they added some very cute mini-pumpkins to the bottom of the vase to add interest. The little white pumpkins tied with raffia are adorable and a great addition to this look.

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