Unique Wedding Favors

September 21, 2012



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Wedding Ring – Couples

September 13, 2012



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Unique Beach Wedding Layouts

September 5, 2012



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Beautiful Wedding Images by Ashlee

August 30, 2012






















































































































































































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Fun and Unique Wedding Locations

August 29, 2012


Everyone wants a wedding that they feel is uniquely theirs.  Your wedding location is one of the first things that are decided once you’ve set the date and a unique wedding location can really set your wedding apart. If you’d like to have your wedding somewhere other than a local church or event space, there are a number of choices available to you. Pick something unique or spectacular and wow your guests with the setting. If you want your guest to wish your wedding would never end then here are some ideas for unique wedding locations that can’t be beat.

Tourist Destinations Make Very Unique Wedding Locations

This is your big day; make the setting just as big by having your wedding at an incredible tourist destination.  You can choose a tourist hot spot near your home or even have your wedding at your honeymoon destination.  Say your vows in view of the Eiffel Tower, on the top floor of a New York skyscraper or in a historic Virginia plantation. Almost everyone is within driving distance to a great tourist destination that can make a fun and unique wedding location.

Go the fairy tale route and have your wedding at Walt Disney World.  Wear your own “glass” slippers as you walk down the aisle and create your very own Cinderella wedding.  Disney World goes all-out for weddings and it’s also a great place to honeymoon.

Let Nature Provide Your Unique Wedding Location

A great way to create a calming, carefree feel to your wedding is by using nature itself as your décor. Many parks, beaches, and riverfront resorts provide facilities for weddings.











Let Mother Nature’s beauty provide the perfect backdrop as you begin your journey into a new and exciting chapter in your life.  Outdoor weddings in a national or state park, on a gorgeous beach or in a beautiful field mean that much of the décor is already provided for you. Simplicity is especially stylish in an outdoor wedding, so you can often save a great deal of money without sacrificing style.

















One popular trend in outdoor wedding locations is the farm wedding. This is a great way to use nature as your backdrop and create a country theme. Many farms and ranches offer wedding packages on a regular basis but you might also find a local farmer who’d be more than happy to host a wedding on their land.


Unique Architecture Makes for a Unique Wedding Location











Historic architecture provides an incredible site for a wedding ceremony.  You don’t have to restrict your choices to historic churches; think about castles, historic inns, old plantation houses or a picturesque town square.

Wherever you choose to have your wedding, whether it’s a grand cathedral, an amusement park or your grandfather’s barn, choose a wedding location that means something to you.  Your wedding and your unique wedding location will be a part of your history forever. Let it be uniquely yours.


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